Love Yourself ALL Through The Process!

We speak often about the importance of our clients having a clear and strong “WHY” as they begin their weight loss journey. We’ve blogged about it even recently (see two weeks ago “Get back on the Mountain”). Along with a clear WHY is the benefit of having a clear goal. But, there is another important aspect of all this to be touched on.

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A Wise Man Once Said …

Maybe you have heard of Hippocrates? He was a Greek physician from long ago. He lived from 460-370BC and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. In fact, he is known as ‘The Father of Western Medicine.”

Among the many philosophical and intuitive things he shared was that statement above:

“Look well to the spine for the cause of Disease”.

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Get Back On the Mountain

In this blog piece, we want to do something a little different – and more interactive with you. You will see what the title “Get Back On The Mountain” is referencing toward the bottom, but first please follow along …

We help a lot of people ... which means we speak with a lot of people about the always interesting and challenging topic of weight control. In order to help us best understand where a person who is considering our program is and where they may want to go with their weight loss goals, it’s always helpful to ask a few key questions.

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A (very) Common “Side Effect” of Weight Loss.

It’s interesting to get the good, honest feedback from our successful weight loss clients. There seems to be this ASSUMPTION that people only want to lose weight to “look better”. Of course, that is a strong driving force for lots of folks. And, yeah, some others are motivated to take weight off because of a serious diagnosis like Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. (or the threat of getting such a diagnosis).

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Hey America! We Are Ranked #1 In…

There is NO doubt: America is THE best country to live in! We feel strongly about that! We are blessed to live in a country with so much opportunity and such freedom. Make NO mistake about that. We all know that we rank #1 in the world in many, many categories. Most of those are good things … totally worth bragging about. But, as you might expect not all #1 rankings are brag-worthy.

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