Limiting Mindset #8

“I Will Do This PRIVATELY On My Own.”

There is absolutely NO doubt about it: the challenge and frustration of struggling with your overweight is VERY personal. Because of that, many people like to make the fixing of it personal as well. If they can figure it out and succeed, that’s great!

But let’s admit it: it is difficult to lose weight on your own! It almost comes back again to the whole toleration thing we wrote about earlier. Sometimes, besides providing helpful direction and counseling, other people who are concerned about your health and who are focused on coaching people to lose weight and overcome their weight challenge do not tolerate us getting off course as much as we may allow ourselves to do!

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Limiting Mindset #7

“It’s Uncomfortable to Change.”

We are continuing our series on LIMITED or unhealthy thinking when it comes to fat loss. We covered several weeks ago this truth:

Many people’s biggest challenge to changing their waist line lies right between their ears!

It is our belief that by sharing these limitations of thought, it may help you do what 1000’s of others before you have done: Expand YOUR thinking about weight loss! Eliminate These Limiting Mind Sets and SUCCEED in YOUR Fat Loss Journey! It does not matter HOW you have thought about that possibility up till now. It only matters how you think and what you do moving forward! So, let’s continue on …

This Limiting Mindset goes right along with the last one we discussed! Many people struggling with their weight or with their health overall tend to want to say: It’s uncomfortable to change.

But, hold on! It’s uncomfortable to stay the same, too! Isn’t it?

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Limiting Mindset #6

“I have too much to lose”

This is perhaps THE biggest LIMITING THOUGHT that prevents significant weight loss. This thought process is almost as bad as saying something like “I’m just a lost cause” …. “I’m too far gone … “It’s hopeless”. Well, we are here to tell you: It is NOT hopeless!

We’ve all heard the proverbial question:
How do you eat an elephant?

The answer is one bite at time.

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Limiting Mindset #5

“I’ve tried before. I can’t lose it!”

Here is a phrase that is commonly heard in our consultations with people interested and inquiring into our weight loss program. It’s a very common limiting thought. Yet, the simple (blunt) truth is this:

  • Maybe you’ve never really known HOW to do it … yet.
  • Maybe you don’t truly understand your metabolism … yet.
  • Maybe you’ve never had the proper support … yet.
  • Oh, and one more … Maybe you’ve never tried hard enough … yet?

Don’t take that last bullet point the wrong way and get upset or offended.
Don’t stop reading!

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Limiting Mindset #4

“My Problem is My Metabolism”

A lot of people say things likes …

  • “Oh it’s just my metabolism”
  • “I’ve got bad metabolism”
  • “My metabolism just stinks”
  • “My metabolism is GONE!”
  • “I guess I’m just meant to be fat”…

Well, ya know what: In many cases they are 100% correct. It IS their metabolism. But that’s not some unlucky curse! That’s not some death sentence. And, by the way, you are NOT meant to be fat!

Science shows that there are numerous things that CAN alter or slow your metabolism. Some examples?

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