Are Condiments & Sauces Drowning You?

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Sauces and condiments – those smooth, creamy and delightful additions that add much more than flavor. It's strange trying to imagine French Fries without ketchup or sushi without soy sauce — some condiments and foods are just meant for one another. But folks often don’t think of how much sugar, fat, sodium, and preservatives are in their sauces and condiments. In a lot of cases, the toppings we use are as bad, if not worse than, the food we are putting it on. While not all condiments are bad, added ingredients can cause problems. And while “50 percent less sodium” or “less fat” seems appealing, it’s easy to get confused by content labels.

Here are a few ‘foods for thought’ so to speak and a few healthy alternatives to consider.

Ketchup is a scary condiment when bought off the store shelf. With added sugars and preservatives; you might ask what happened to all the tomatoes and how could one condiment have so many bad qualities.

Barbecue sauces are another condiment loaded with sugars and preservatives. With so many brands on the market, you’d spend a long time in the grocery aisle trying to read and discern which one is the least bad for you.

Mayonnaise is a tricky condiment. It can be good, or unhealthy, based on the ingredients. You want to stay away from mayonnaise made from soy or canola oil. You also want to stay away from the added sugar many contain. Look for mayo made with healthy olive oil, or healthy avocado oil instead. There are several brands that fit this criteria, one of which is Primal Kitchen

Yellow mustard is, for the most part, is a reasonable condiment with little to no fat. For improved flavor and potentially better ingredients, try a spiced mustard. Many varieties contain peppers good for inflammation and neuropathy.

Tahini is a great staple for any kitchen; it's a savory sauce made from ground sesame seeds. When combined with other ingredients (usually some combination of water, garlic, lemon juice, and spices) it makes a great base for salad dressings, marinades, and dipping sauces.

Here are some excellent spices to keep on-hand that can add healthy flavor to your daily meals. Kosher Salt – in a grinder is best Black Peppercorns – in a grinder is best Red Pepper Flakes – in a grinder is great or whole in soups, casseroles, and crock-pot meals Cinnamon – great for breakfast and dessert dishes Thyme – great all around spice for many meats and vegetables Curry – terrific for adding a bit of kick to your meats Cumin – fabulous for a variety of salads, casseroles, and meats Ginger – excellent on the side, in tea or water, in vegetable dishes, and stir-fry recipes Partial Credits:

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