The 'E' in T.E.A.M.

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In our last blog we shared that, in our weight loss culture, we strongly advocate that people struggling with their weight have got to “Think TEAM!”

We, also, explained that “T stands for Targets” and that a successful TEAM must be crystal clear on what they are aiming for. An unclear or unrealistic weight loss goal is often the exact reason for failure.

Next, we come to the “E” in TEAM. We like to think of the word EXECUTION!

Think about it: the first two letters of the word “Goal” are G-O! Many people have targets. They have BIG dreams, and even good, commendable intentions. They have a good “aim”, but they never “pull the trigger”! They don’t follow up and follow through with the DO what is required to lose weight and create a focused lifestyle change.

Having a clear, effective and proven system outlining exactly what each person is to do (execute) to help reach your goals is key in our program. Then, doing what it takes in a consistent way is critical to the success of a team… including your weight loss team! To be effective, we must all execute! We tell people over and over that they need not be “perfect” … but must be consistent and we must WORK TOGETHER.

Revisiting the non-weight loss example from last week …. Once one clearly SEES a goal like a basketball hoop, it then comes down to properly EXECUTING the shot. Of course, that’s easier said than done when it comes to successfully shooting on a routine basis. There is proper form, technique, focus and certainly practice or repetition. That’s what WE bring to our clients. Experience. Science. Support. And more!

Is it time for you to EXECUTE in a different way … with a TEAM who knows the right way to help you reach your weight loss TARGET? It is for many! If it is for YOU, give us a call!

Be watching … next blog we will dive into the “A” of TEAM!

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